Children's Ministry ​​

Awana Club is on Wednesday nights. It is for chidren ages 2yrs to 6th grade.  This is yet another way we minister to your children.  During awana, children will memorize Bible verses to earn patches and awards which they will diplay on their uniform.  We have a Bible lesson as well as a game time. The children have fun while learning the Word of God and what he expects from them.

Our children's program does not stop there.  We also have a children's choir where the children learn to sing songs that honor God.  Not only does the Oak Lake choir perform for the church but we take our children to minister in song to retirement centers.  We want to teach the children that they too can share the love of God, honor and worship Him even now at their young ages.
Here in the Children's Ministry, we want every child to have fun! Our desire is to see children have such a good time that they will be begging to come back. We believe creating this fun environment for kids will help children learn more about Jesus. We use games, crafts, props and creative stories to communicate the message. We believe it’s okay to have a good time at church.​

We do NOT, however, want to simply entertain our children. Our goal is that each child will learn about Jesus. We want them to obtain an ongoing relationship with Christ and to be a model Christian. Lessons about Christ and the Bible will be age appropriate and will help them understand God’s love and His plan for their life.